Airlines Adhere to Heathrow’s Voluntary Night Time Noise Restrictions

Published on : Saturday, September 27, 2014

Airlines-Adhere-300x191In the last three months, all airlines featured in Heathrow’s Fly Quiet table adhered to night time restrictions, giving local communities predictable periods of noise respite No aircraft arrivals violations were recorded by the top 50 airlines between 0430 and 0630.


This is a marked improvement from the previous three month period, in which three airlines had red scores in this category.

The fourth Fly Quiet league table covers April 2014 to June 2014. British Airways’ short haul fleet, Aer Lingus, and Virgin Atlantic Little Red remain the top three scoring airlines, a placing they have adhered to since the table was first published last November.

The Fly Quiet table lists the top 50 Heathrow airlines every three months (by number of flights per quarter) according to six noise related criteria.


The airlines receive a red/amber/green rating for each criterion, as well as an overall score which allows them to understand how they are performing in relation to other airlines.


If they are not meeting the minimum performance targets, Heathrow works closely with them to improve their rating.

There has also been an improvement in the numbers of aircraft meeting our ‘Continuous Descent Approach’ (CDA) minimum standard, leading to half the amount of red scores in this category since the previous quarter.


Alitalia, LOT Polish airlines, and European Air Transport have improved on their CDA performance leading to an ‘amber’ score.


Heathrow will work closely with Air France, Pakistan International Airlines, and Aegean Airlines to improve on the scores they have retained from the previous quarter in this category.

The Fly Quiet Programme forms part of Heathrow’s wider noise action plan to tackle aircraft noise.


In accordance with this, an independent report commission to benchmark Heathrow’s ranking in airport operational noise management alongside other airports shows that Heathrow has risen from third to second place (compared to 2011), with Brussels in first place.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability Director, said: “Heathrow’s approach to noise management is already amongst the strictest in the world.


This quarter’s ‘Fly Quiet’ league table shows that our approach is leading to tangible results including more airlines meeting our standards for quieter ‘continuous descent’ landings at the airport.


We remain committed to maintaining this achievement and working with all airlines in improving their noise performance in other areas and minimising the noise impact felt by local communities.”

By publishing the table each quarter, Heathrow aims to recognise good performance, provide airlines with regular feedback, identify specific areas to be targeted for improvement, establish minimum performance targets and provide further insight into airline performance.


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