Antarctica seems to be new favourite tourism spot for visiors all around the world including China

Published on : Monday, December 23, 2013

ChinaZeng Jinger childhood dream was to be a place in his country , very few would agree that the ideal holiday abroad . It’s no shops , no people , and there are no food or at least not for human consumption .Antarctic growing number of travelers , including China , is a dream that comes true .” I magnificence wanted to see the snow , and it has value , but it’s not possible , ” out of Argentina sailed a ship of Guangzhou -based media executive , who made ​​his trip last year, said Zeng .Zeng their disposable income , such as tourism, adventure travel is more than the cost of changing the world’s second largest economy as the growing urban elite Chinese city , part .

Two years ago , in China, the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators , not even tourists are short listed . According to statistics , about 2,328 Chinese nationals Union , Antarctica , typically lasts from November to March , which last year’s tourist season , which is the continent of Antarctic travel .During the last three years , as the company is unable to meet the demand , increasing Chinese tourists only in the Antarctic , is constrained by the shortage of tickets , said President Hu Huamin Beijing – based travel consultancy DPS .

As organizations recognize the public interest , he said he expects a sharp increase in tourists . More wealthy Chinese tourists were willing to spend more extravagant trips ” This trend reflects the growth of Chinese tourism , ” he added . ” Chinese tourists going to the extreme . ”

In 2005 the number of 83 million Chinese traveled abroad last year’s World Tourism Organization , a UN agency , reaching double .Last year , China $ 102 billion for overseas trips out of retirement shelling, tourism spenders became the world’s largest consumers , the company said . Third of the U.S. $ 83.7 million in Germany , with U.S. $ 83.8 million in the second . By 2015 , the global consumption of Chinese tourists , according to Morgan Stanley , the U.S. could double the $ 194 billion estimate .2020 , or 225 million people , 54 percent of China’s urban households , the income limit should Zeng . Includes a 10 -day tour of the ship to the Antarctic media executive 126,000 yuan (HK $ 160,000), his 17 -day trip to Argentina in December last year , has been spent .

The average resident of his native province , he states , according to statistics , nearly five years working to afford such a trip . Boston Consulting Group who studies Chinese luxury travel patterns of a partner – but a growing number are willing to invest the effort , Vincent Lui, a Hong Kong said.Not a ” skip it and often visited the final destination, a strong desire to go straight , ” he said : ” That is a part of China , Antarctica may be the final destination . “Increasing the level of the entire global travel , tourism operators have been transformed and even caught unaware by environmentalists and Antarctic mirrors the activity .

Fragile Antarctic ecosystem .

With the growth of tourism unusual and fragile regions , places like Antarctica environmentalists worry that the new popularity can destroy the ecosystem . Chen Danhong, Beijing Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration researcher , Chinese Journal of Polar Research, warned a paper published last year , the tour operator was not aware of the fragility of the Antarctic ecosystem .They are sick and isolated rough waters are prepared for emergency situations that may arise , he wrote. ” China and the Antarctic tourism industry if the conditions are ripe , then , can develop in a healthy and proper manner , and the [ tourism ] offering , ” he says .

After plummeting during the global crisis is booming tourism in Antarctica , Dr. Daniela LIGGETT, Christchurch , University of Canterbury in New Zealand, the gateway to Antarctica Antarctic Studies and Research , Center professor says .” This [ decline ] has had a significant impact on the market , ” he said , ” Now , the number of tourists and the market , reflecting the gradual economic recovery is likely to have been increased . Said , ”

The total number of tourists from the southern continents in the past year, an increase of nearly 30 percent , but more than doubled the number of Chinese tourists . Antarctic tourists as the fifth largest source of China in the United States , Germany , Australia and the UK , behind Canada last year overtook.Antarctic Tourism Association, the number of tourists in the area , but increased 2.1 percent this year , Chinese tourists expected growth rate is expected to be much more said .Curiosity is very lucrative to ignore , say travel agents . Huamin most major Chinese cities such as tourism consultant who offers tours to the agent .

Now , travel to the Antarctic to the upper -class privilege . Based travel agency Diadema – ” We go to a lot of money and like most companies , ” Yuan Ri, sales and marketing executive for Guangzhou .Amazing Tours travel agency based in Beijing, Tian Jing , the company will charge an average of Antarctic travel is not for the 180,000 yuan to 190,000 . Amazing Tours offers trips through Argentina began in 1997 , Tian It is the first Chinese company to offer such tours , which he was .

” At that time , we will arrange trips for journalists and film crews , ” he said , ” It’s about 2004 , we will begin to offer regular tour group was only . Said , “This season, the company is about 80 more than last year, nearly 400 Chinese travelers to the Antarctic have .

Beijing on his first trip to the Antarctic in 2006 Tripolers companies signed a dozen people . Agency plans to handle nearly 200 people this season , the two Argentine ships and aircraft , in South Africa, a Douglas DC -3 Basler.” Eighty percent of our tickets are sold out in three hours , ” said the company’s sales representatives Tang Guodong . ” Our customers are looking for a new challenge : they ‘ve been everywhere else , ” he says .

Google ‘s new and different directions , the Chinese equivalent online broadcasting , the road is very popular online TV series is fueled by the drive to explore . Zhang Xinyu Liang Hong and the host , such as Somalia , Chernobyl and the way in Vanuatu , including those outside , to travel the world .In his first season , the series is inspiring a new generation of travelers , has racked up 100 million views . The second season , Zhang Liang , and she is determined to marry the Antarctic , to set sail .” It’s my dream , ” Zhang said in the last episode . ” I am Chinese , I want to prove too can get there . “


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