Iceland Travel encourages travelers to share their spooky experiences with ‘ElfieSelfie’

Published on : Friday, January 24, 2014

blue_lagoon-a-300x203The tour operators in Iceland, Iceland Travel is trying to make tour operation for visitors as exciting as they can by embarking on the otherworldly level. It has introduced a photo sharing option called the ElfieSelfie, which helps people to discover the extraordinary natural beauty of Iceland intrinsically woven with the elfin folklore. The perhaps best to venture ElfieSelfie site that must not be missed are troll-shaped lava formations and miniature painted elf houses and there are many others to choose from to make your fantastic Ireland trip magical.

Jakobina Gudmundsdottir, Iceland Travel’s Sales and Marketing Manager for North America said that It’s an undeniable fact that photo sharing is an essential part of the travel experience here in photogenic Iceland. The tour operators update their existing itineraries with entertaining facts and through social media engaging visitors who are often fascinated by the elf mythology which also manifests itself in nature.

Gudmundsdottir is referring to the Viking-age belief in “hidden people” which includes elves, trolls, fairies and supernatural beings believed to be living in the lava. Bizarre rock formations scattered throughout Iceland were explained in folktales as trolls turned into stone after being caught in the daylight. Despite today’s modern digital age, surveys reveal that more than half of Icelanders do not deny the existence of elves and are known to pay respect to their invisible neighbors by re-routing highway projects to avoid disturbing rocks where elves supposedly live.

Liz Gammon, Manager of Shore Excursions and Cruise Services at Iceland Travel, recently consulted local elf experts while developing a cruise industry event and offers advice on being mindful of local tradition, “Elves are considered harmless creatures unless provoked.” Gammon, innovator of the creative hashtag moniker continues, “Visitors to Iceland are going to delight in searching for and sharing #ElfieSelfie sites. However the intent isn’t to disrespect elfin culture in any way, but rather to celebrate it.”

Jakobina Gudmundsdottir contemplates on Icelandic elf folklore by saying, “When your ears are filled with the sounds of creaking glaciers, exploding geysers, and thundering waterfalls and your vision is full of black sand beaches, ghostly ice formations, steamy hot springs and the dancing Northern Lights, perhaps it’s not too difficult to imagine supernatural creatures walking about.” Gudmundsdottir goes on to say, “I think if elves were going to live anywhere, they’d live in Iceland. The landscape is so strangely beautiful; they’d fit right in.”

While the publishers of Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” the word of the year and it is the digital fad no one appears able to resist, the launch of ElfieSelfie seems well-timed. Beginning this summer, travelers to Iceland are encouraged to tag photos on Instagram and Twitter with the aptly named hashtag for posting on Iceland Travel’s dedicated ElfieSelfie page.

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