Influence of social media on the global travel industry

Published on : Thursday, June 26, 2014

social-media-300x300The global travel industry is continuously shifting gears. From innovative technologies to the advent of social media marketing, the world travel industry is evolving every day. Especially the social media is fueling a lot of constructive criticism which is in a way changing the way conversations and controversies happened among the retailers and the consumers.


The social media is bringing people closer and its spreading the word all over. With Facebook movements and twitter protests, the power of social media is quite apparent and the phenomenon has succeeded in becoming an important part. Holiday making and pictures of destinations and interesting cuisines can be seen all over the internet and social media has become an significant part of everyone’s travel experience.



Though this might seem to be a trend which affects only the travelers, it will be a big mistake to leave the travel industry out of it. Travel industry which includes websites for bookings, hotels and air tickets, travel applications, travel agencies and agents, are as much involved in social media and the effect it has upon them is an important factor in deciding how much business they are going to get. Let us have a look how the social media channels are influencing the global travel industry.

1)      Social media marketing
The global travel and tourism companies have found a new way to propagate their business to their customers and platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are brimming with new deals ad packages which attract interest. Travel technology has an important role to play in this with its software which manage these packages and deals and promote them on their social media counterparts. There are a number of groups and pages which dish up the interest of a cluster of travel enthusiasts and are a discussion platform for various developments which are happening in the global travel industry.

2)      Influencing global travelers
The business that the travel industry generates is because of thousands of experiences shared by other tourists who take trips all around the world. If all these travelers over the world are connected, there is no way a travel agency or website can get away with not delivering. Around the world, travelers have been provided with a single portal which allows them to voice their discontent and criticism if they are not satisfied with the services of a hotel, airline or even a cab company. And thanks to the social media that all the potential travelers who are listening and spreading the word further can connect and share the awareness which in a way leads to a more transparent global travel industry.

3)      Opportunities to Explore
Social media has emerged as a clear gateway to know more about the destinations which weren’t visited earlier, cuisines that had not been tasted and hotels which you never knew existed. This feature, coupled with innovative travel technology solutions, provides the agents and websites to know what the people want and introduce consumer centric packages making travel experience more and more intriguing.

4)      Word of Mouth Publicity
A new age global traveler updates everything on his or her social media account while holidaying. A flight delayed? It shows in the status. Great food? A picture is uploaded. Thus, every single good or bad experience is carefully documented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This leads to word-of-mouth publicity and if a company is ensuring great services, it’s not going to go unnoticed and ultimately get them more business. Thus, be it travel advice from fellow travelers, hotel reviews or the app which has all the restaurant information, social media is now the key for spreading the word in the global travel industry.

Social media coupled with the innovative travel technology solutions are gaining importance as from business to experience, it is bringing the world together! To gain a higher online presence and also streamline all the information that has to be connected with social media, every travel service provider is keeping the social media tool as its latent tool to grow. This is helping them put up a better show on the various online social platforms and also ensuring a better overall travel experience for the global travel industry



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