Japan Airlines to Introduce Select Winter Menu in JAL’s Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky

Published on : Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tm_20131126_Sora-Restaurant_fig4_engJapan Airlines (JAL) will introduce enhanced in-flight meals on international flights from December 2013.
Under the meal service concept of an exclusive restaurant in the sky from January 2013, JAL dining sets a new standard for in-flight meals with tempting new menus created by talented chefs for a thoroughly unforgettable dining experience.

Two new star chefs will join for the dream team of JAL BEDD – SKY AUBERGE in December 1, 2013 and create new menus for flights from Paris to Japan.

In addition to the new installment of our popular AIR SERIES which is produced in collaboration with well-known restaurants and other purveyors of fine food, JAL is collaborating with a popular ramen shop to create original noodles for the in-flight meal.
Furthermore, a new winter menu of “Ore-no Kinaishoku for Resort” will be served in Premium Economy and Economy Class on the Honolulu route.

JAL will continue seeking ways to bring passengers a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience through more delectable meal choices in its flying restaurant.
1. First Class and Business Class
(1) New collaboration menus onboard flights from Paris to Japan
Two world renowned Japanese chefs, Mr. HIROKI YOSHITAKE and Mr. SHINICHI SATO, will create Western 1st meals in First Class and Business Class. They will take turns creating a new menu every three months. The menu from December 1 will be created by Chef HIROKI YOSHITAKE, Executive Chef of “Sola” in Paris, who received a Michelin one star rating for France just over a year after opening his restaurant. The menu from March 1 will be created by Chef SHINICHI SATO, Executive Chef of “Passage 53” in Paris, who is the first Japanese to receive a Michelin two star rating for France.
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig1_eng.jpg
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig2_eng.jpg
l Applicable route: from Paris to Japan
l Contents of menu: Introducing the menu by Chef HIROKI YOSHITAKE. His menu is a fusion of French cuisine and Japanese inspiration.
First Class menu
Main Dish (Beef)
Charolais Beef Fillet with Three Sauces
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig3_eng.jpg
Business Class menu
Hors d’oeuvre (Six Bowls Selection)
Salmon Tartar & Celeriac Cream
Burrata Cheese, Shrimp & Tomato Jelly
Smoked Scallops & Boletus Puree
Foie Gras Mousse, Caramel & Xeres Vinegar
King Crab Salted Japanese Custard
Country p穰・/span>& Chickpea with Consomm・/span>
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig4_eng.jpg
Main Dish (Seafood)
Lobster Ravioli
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig5_eng.jpg
l Combination of French cuisine on Japanese Arita dishware, made especially for JAL to commemorate our collaboration with star chefs. The collaboration menu will be served on Japanese Arita dishware, a typical Japanese chinaware made in Saga Prefecture with a 400-year history.
Notes: Arita dishware will be used for 3 months only to serve “Amuse Bouche” in First Class and “Hors d’oeuvres” in Business Class.
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig6_eng.jpg
(2) Healthy “Tonkotsu style” Ramen in collaboration with “Kyushu Jangara”
We will be serving an original JAL ramen as one of the selections for Any Time You Wish service*. This ramen is created in collaboration with the popular ramen shop “Kyushu Jangara”.
l Features
Kyushu Jangara and JAL developed a healthy “Tonkotsu style” ramen, without using any meat or extract for the soup, noodles or toppings. It is hard to believe that the rich and tasty milk-white soup is made without using any meat.
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig7_eng.jpg
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig8_eng.jpg
l Applicable Routes: From Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt and Paristo Japan
2. Premium Economy and Economy Class
(1) Hawaii Route “Ore-no Kinaishoku for Resort” (winter menu)
The “Ore-no Kinaishoku” menu created in collaboration with “Ore-no Italian” and “Ore-no French” has been introduced in Economy Class on Honolulu flights since September 2013.
We have received many good customer reviews about this collaboration, as the menu is created by chefs of well-known restaurants for meals and taste the same as meals served in the restaurants.
The new menu served from December will be created by two talented chefs, Mr. TOSHIHIRO YAMAURA and Mr. KAZUHIDE NOSE. The menu consists of a combination of Italian cuisine and French cuisine on a tray, created especially for JAL.
In the winter menu, the main dish will be created by Chef YAMAURA and the side dish, by Chef NOSE.
●Menu Contents:
Ore-no Chicken Cacciatora and Lasagna
Ore-no Appetizer “Salmon Terrine with Seasoned Sea-urchin Sauce”
Ore-no Dessert “Classic Chocolate Cake”
(On flights from Tokyo/Narita and Nagoya to Honolulu only)
●Applicable Routes: From Tokyo (Narita), Osaka (Kansai) and Nagoya (Chubu) to Honolulu
●Effective Date: December 1, 2013 ~ February 28, 2014
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig9_eng.jpg
AIR SERIES is one of the JAL’s popular series of in-flight meals and AIR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, our 2nd collaboration with KFC, is perfect for the winter season.
Boneless chicken called Chicken Bites will be served together with a colorful salad as the main dish on a tray. KFC’s popular side dishes, Biscuit with Honey Maple, Coleslaw made from fresh cabbage, and Chocolate Walnut Cake, this year’s KFC Christmas menu Party Barrel, will also be served on the tray.
We offer an exciting meal time with AIR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN.
●Menu Contents:
Chicken Bites
Fresh Salad
Biscuit with Honey Maple
Chocolate Walnut Cake
●Applicable Routes: From Tokyo (Narita) to Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Helsinki
●Effective Period: December 1, 2013~February 28, 2014
20131126_Sora Restaurant_fig10_eng.jpg
AIR YOSHINOYA is one of our popular AIR SERIES on flights from Japan to Europe and North American routes, and will be served on flights from Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to Japan in winter.
● Features:
The YOSHINOYA logo is drawn on the special box just like on YOSHINOYA’s bowl. The special box contains a removable tray for beef, with rice at the bottom. The rice and beef can be enjoyed together or separately.
Additionally, AIR YOSHINIYA is served with lots of sauce, taking into account the low humidity in the cabin, so that the beef bowl tastes just like YOSHINOYA’s.
● Applicable Routes: From Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to Japan
● Effective Period: December 1, 2013~ February 28, 2014
In the First Class and Business Class, “AIR YOSHINOYA” is served as one of the selections for Any Time You Wish service.
*Any Time You Wish service offers a meal from our a la carte menu any time the passenger wishes. This service is available after the 1st meal service.

Source:- Jal


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