Marc Dugain former CEO of Proteus Airlines claims American hand behind disappearance of MH370

Published on : Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Diego GarciaAs the year ends and speculations keep cropping up behind the disappearance of the MH370, the biggest airline disaster of 2014, Marc Dugain, the headed Proteus Airlines speculates that the aircraft was targeted by the Americans. He fears that military attack was planned in the Indian Ocean in the same style of September 11.

He told a French magazine ‘Paris Match’ that Boeing 777 crashed near Diego Garcia an American military base in the British territory. The international search team that that combed the ocean looking for the wreckage however missed this island.


Mr. Dugain in a French magazine wonders how the powerful American military base could have lost trace of this plane without being involved in the conspiracy themselves. He questioned as to how in this technological world a 63 meter-long object could disappear without a trace? He says that there must have been a deliberate attempt to make the aircraft disappear.

U.S. Government has however denied to all claims that have cropped up in the past on the theories of Diego Garcia. Mr. Dugain says that eye witnesses in Maldives have reportedly seen the huge plane flaying at an unbelievably low altitude which had colours similar to the Malaysian Airlines.


Soon after the disappearance of the flight local Media of Maldives reported seeing a fire extinguisher washed up on the beach of Baarah. However the find was never confirmed.


He said that the plane was hijacked according to popular notions and led towards Diego Garcia which was against the planned route of the KL Beijing aircraft.


He also said that there must have been a fire on the plane which forced the crew to cut off the plane from all communications devices without damaging the exterior.



According to official reports the passengers of the plain had died due to low oxygen level. The plane had run out of fuel leaving it to auto-pilot and had ultimately plunged in the ocean.


There were no new evidences found by the Australian Transport Safety Board and they were forced to compare the fight with the previous disaster to draw a conclusion.


A British intelligence had warned Mr. Dugain of the perils that lay in the investigation of the plane MH370. There are some people who know what actually happened, he says.


Other heads of airlines like the Emirates did not believe that the plane could have disappeared. They also questioned  the availability of evidence that was reported by the Maldives media. Sir Tim Clark said that even if the communication system was switched off the plane could have been traced.


There are countless theories that claim different possibilities about the disappearance of the plane. But a conspiracy was definitely underway and nothing will be known as too much is being kept by “some at the table.” At the end of 2014 this conspiracy will not be divulged and will continue to hound the families who have suffered.


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