A radius of sand has turned into world famous cultural hub

Published on : Monday, December 23, 2013

world-famous-cultural-hubThis is not only a deserted island also known for its Turtles and soft sand dunes , which , to the Middle East is one of the greatest intellectual and cultural powerhouse of the world’s largest construction projects .

Saadiyat Island ( ” Island of Happiness ” – in Arabic ) , near the coast of Abu Dhabi city center, once a desolate stretch of desert , which was holding tens of thousands of migrant workers to the cultural capital of the centrepieces of a new $ 27bn (£ 16.5bn) is converted to the campus of the University of York , designed by Jean Nouvel and Frank Geary designed Guggenheim is a $ 1.3 billion Abu Dhabi Louvre . shut out , the Zayed National Museum , founded by Norman Foster , the British Museum , the general partner. together the 600,000 -year-old cave art and abstract expressionism , with the National Museum of the United Arab Memorial dedicated to the founder of the UAE in glass cases , Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan growing hub in five star hotels and luxury villa and the apartment was surrounded by hundreds .

But the splendor , wealth and huge investment , you build a dream accused are unlucky enough to be one of the legions of migrant workers , especially the happiness of life on the island has a dark side . A three- month investigation , observers threaten , strike -breaking labor system discovered evidence of illness , and poverty, trapping thousands of workers have been paying .

It ‘s not supposed to be like this : In the beginning , Louvre, Guggenheim and board members , donors , and students may be noise Gulf reputation for harsh working environment of fear , a New York University Abu Dhabi paused before agreeing to the project . It has been argued that employees have the right to confirm . Tourism Development and Investment Company engaged in the work environment of cultural institutions (TDIC) , an independent audit commissioned by the developer of Saadiyat point . The audit report is expected to be delivered this month .

Was published in 2012 , which first found that TDIC « face serious challenges when … Region and the rules of the situation , ” it comes to the work environment , as well as the staff of New York University , the only non- TDIC project to be able to access their passports as Saadiyat improve , said that his own , agree on the value of the independent auditors in determining compliance .However , rest assured its foreign partners , the United Arab Emirates cricket grounds manicured , Chess Center , Ayn Rand, and Barack Obama , the first multi -denominational prayer room of the United Arab Emirates -lingual library, screening room , a tug – the world ‘s largest labor camp , complete with built war of the competition , a coffee shop and park. Regular government press release , Saadiyat Construction Village , who come to admire the show, a group of smiling , smiling staff trade show , playing cricket and spotless white .

” These people do not have the room to do just that , ” Nabil Al- Kendi, TDIC Chief Development Officer , – said last year in an international conference .

So far , so wonderful . But faced with the alternative reality , one only Mafraq Industrial Area , Al Jaber Building Worker No. 1 ‘s location in a remote corner of a sandy desert road , Saadiyat 20 miles to travel . Here , surrounded by landscaped gardens workers , but the city’s garbage trucks snaking their way around the side of the trail camps are not prompted . The next tip on top of a hill , the truck raw human stools , dump the warm evening air of the stench that wafts down to the camp , where the city’s sewage treatment plant sits . On the back , surrounded by piles of garbage workers cut up raw meat and fish in the desert wasteland, a big part of the camp , wooden planks running the contaminated water from a nearby reservoir to avoid stepping on the unsteady flow .

The company claims it is trying to shut down that place many times , but the men do not listen . Workers complained of bad food and somewhere to cook their meals , though .

Tales from inside the camp is bitter and pathetic . Take the case of Mohammed Arif , watching the Red Crescent to give a cheap , ill-fitting using artificial legs , finds climbing stairs . Arif red and bruised and constant pain in his piece , but the company she shares with eight other men refused to move his cramped third- floor bedroom .

” My great hope is the best artificial leg from the city of Jaipur , India in return : I want the legs , they are as cheap as this one , is not the light , ” he says .Arif Red Crescent employer , Al Jaber Building after the November party , refused to pay for one . One year he had to get around on one leg , and he bought a pair of crutches in Abu Dhabi, ” I can not balance on one leg , I fell down the stairs many times , ” he says .He had his head smashed into the back of a fall down the stairs that shows its worst . ” My head was bleeding , but I still went to work . ”

Where Al Jaber Building on more than 1000 Luxury Villas Arif Saadiyat, a store of chemical barrel in house claims grades fell , lost his leg in November 2012 . Arif company had pre-existing conditions that led to the loss of a leg is adamant that .


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